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Fire Beard Forge, Pylesville, MD​

Jarrett T. Cieslak

In 2013, when Jarrett was 15 years old, he stumbled upon a

“Man at Arms” YouTube video starring Tony Swatton. He was hooked,

and this led him to binge watch blacksmithing videos. YouTube became

his classroom. Through these videos he created his first coal burning forge

and improvised blacksmithing tools through hijacked tools from his dad’s

garage. This was the beginning of his blacksmithing journey.

Between 2014 and 2016 he received a machining certificate from

Harford Community College, graduated North Harford High School, 

and was awarded welding certifications from Earlbeck Welding. 

This continuing education (along with lots and lots of hammering) gave

him an understanding of how he can merge these experiences with his

blacksmithing. Over the years he created swords and knives for friends

and family and had the pleasure of demonstrating and displaying his craft

at several local events.


In June of 2018, he attended an ABANA Conference in Richmond, VA. Here he was encouraged to join ABS and participate in The Atlanta Blade Show. He makes various styles of knives (EDC, hunting, bowies, daggers, fighters) from mono steel and Damascus. Jarrett takes pride in his craft, personally hand stitching every sheath.  His artistry stems from the love of transforming raw steel into a knife. 


In 2019 Jarrett created his first company, Fire Beard Forge.  His goal is to make forged works of art that his customers will pass on from one generation to another.  This is why our mission is “Forging a legacy to last generations.”

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